Club Films

These films were all made by groups of Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers members!  Some are the brainchild of one person.  Some storylines have evolved through brainstorming meetings and discussion.  Members who have an idea or a script for a film ask other members for help.  Club members can assist by being actors or part of the crew.   Inexperienced film makers learn from the more experienced ones!

How The Other Half Live (2015)

Comedy. Young English aristocrat takes an American visitor for a ride.

Out of the Past (2015)

Drama. Female investigator’s search for an incriminating diary.

The Shout (2015)

Firefighter suffers memory problems.

Wishes (2014)

An angel wants to get his wings, but things aren’t working out quite right.

The Decision (2014)

Drama. Young woman gets the chance to ‘turn the clock back’. Will she take it?

Moving Oleta (2014)

Story on the theme of dementia.

Revlooshun (2013)

Drama about a movie fan and his battle with the bottle.

Operation Black Hat

Drama. Thriller with a sci fi twist.